Morning Thunder by John Williams



My idol

This will never not be funny.

a hero for the ages

Call me weird but…

Sometimes my primal instincts make their presence well known. Im talking about scent. I mean I don’t get too see my boyfriend often so when I do it just seems natural to want to hug him and feel him close. Apart from that, it’s a must to breathe in his scent. Maybe a little more than normal?
It’s like a part of me makes sure every time that it is 100% him, in other words I have to recognize his scent. After that I just stick around because it smells so freakin good!
Thing is, he does it too. So there we are hugging and inhaling each others scent deeply. He’ll then proceed to nuzzle my face and neck for as long as I will let him. I end up with his scent on me and there is nothing more comforting in the world than that.

Haha I know right. I was like Mira esta que chingona. Haha dang jeeps are sweet! What colour? Haha

dude im fucking dying!!!! I took too many classes

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My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.
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View of a Skull III.
There’s so much space in there. Use it.
Leonardo da Vinci, 1489.

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